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By using this software, referred to as the Grid Maker, you agree NOT to use any images or text generated by the Grid Maker for monetary gain. For example, creating a cookbook of Turk's head knots using the knot image and runlists generated by the Grid Maker and selling it is forbidden. Creating such a document, linking to the Grid Maker and making it free of charge is encouraged!

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Here are some very helpful documents for getting up and running with the grid maker:

Rows Top Coding Middle Coding Bottom Coding
Shadow Colors
Strand Width: inches cm
Strand Gap Size: inches cm
Display Scale:

Display Options:

Autofill Grid Options:
Autofill Grid

Nested Bights Shift Bottom Bights
Shift Bottom Bights
Nested Bights Shift Bottom Bights Rows

Interactive Options:

Half cycle
Run list

Rows: 12 Cols: 14
Parts: 11 Bights: 7
Size (inches): x
Size (cm): x
Strands: 1
Coding Options:
Grid Options:
Strand Width:
Strand Gap Size:

Do every other strand
Consolidate overs and unders
Do half way
Label pins with letters
Prefer Strands
Start Corner:
Start Direction:

Strand Lengths:


Save/Load Knot Data:

Shadow Colors: